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  • Breathtaking landscape Do your course in the beautiful Laurentians. 45 minutes from Montréal!
  • Avitas school A flight school with a human dimension ready to make you realize your dream.
  • Next gen aircraft Our fleet incorporates the latest generation of ultra-lights aircrafts. One of the most modern in Québec.


From dream to reality!

Avitas Flight School is a training institution with a human dimension located at the Lachute Airport near Montréal. We offer a complete training that will let you take-off at a low price, acquiring a solid experience.

Unique instruction platform

logoWith the webex Cisco technology, your can assist at the theory classes for ultra-lights from your home directly on the internet. You just have to connect on a website to access the classe. You can ask oral question directly and even watch the classe again and again after. 

  • Reduced travel: the webex technolgy let's you stay at home to follow the course.
  • Flexible schedule: If you have to miss a class, you can catch up later when you are free.
  • Friendly atmosphere: the technology gives the same ambiance as a traditionnal class thanks to the interactions off all students.
  • Personnal follow-up: you can always go to the airport if you need more help with the training. 


We offer interior and exterior parking spots for your Ultra-lights on the premisices of the school at the Lachute Municipal Aiport. It includes access to the school, the Club House and the bathrom, the internet, the telephone, etc.



We offer interior and exterior parking spots for your Ultra-lights on the premisices of the school at the Lachute Municipal Aiport. It includes access to the school, the Club House and the bathrom, the internet, the telephone, etc.


Sales and purchases

We sell ultra-lights. For more infos on those aircrafts, go to www.lespac.com.

You can also visit the Ultra Pilots Association of Canada to learn more about the ultra-light community.

Training stages

A familiarization flight so you can see if your at ease in air.
The theorical training will let you get the basic knowledge before you get in the air.
The in-flight traing! It last about 25 hours and you will get your licence.


The PUMA is made of aluminium et composite. The fuselage unique design, the spacious interior and the ergonomic instrument panel are some features that make this airplane amazing..

Allegro 2000

Allegro 2000
The Allegro 2000 is a Czech designed plane built in the United States. It ingenious conception gives the plane superior performances.

Other types

Other types
 You can also use your own plane to lower your training cost and to get a check type at the end of your course.