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About us

Puma aircraftAvitas flight school is a ultralight training center with an human dimension located at the Lachute Airport near Montréal. It offers a complete training so you can start to fly at a low cost on ultralights aircraft, while getting a solid experience.

We offer multiple trainings including the ultralight pilot training. This low cost training will let you fly up in the sky in an ultralight aircraft. This type of aircraft helps to reduce the cost of training and lets your live the flying dream.

Our school offers a relax atmosphere and is dedicated to every student.

Jean-François Blanchet, a true passionate!

PICT0179Jean-François discovered his love of flying around 16 years old. At the moment, he was exploring the sky on his hang glider. In 1997, he obtain his ultra-light licence and instructor rating. He now as over 4000 hours of flying.

In 2001, he did his professional and Multi IFR licence that brought him to work for Air Saguenay (in the North of Quebec) and Aéro Péninsule (New-Brunswick). He also flew Otters, Cessnas, Beavers and Pipers. In 2003, he opened the Avitas Flight School in Saint-Lazare and moved to Lachute in 2006.

Training stages

A familiarization flight so you can see if your at ease in air.
The theorical training will let you get the basic knowledge before you get in the air.
The in-flight traing! It last about 25 hours and you will get your licence.