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In-flight training

4298773531 e291f95436_o_thumbIn-flight training on ultra-lights last about 25 hours depending on your experience. The training is based on Transport Canada and is divided in multiple lessons about different flight sections. You will be able to fly solo in a ultra-light.

Number of hours: around 25 hours including 2 hours solo
Cost per hour:
25,00$ for the pre and post-flight briefing
165,00$ for the school's plane flight time 
55,00$ for the student's plane flight time

135.00$ for renting the Puma


Training stages

A familiarization flight so you can see if your at ease in air.
The theorical training will let you get the basic knowledge before you get in the air.
The in-flight traing! It last about 25 hours and you will get your licence.